Ohayo yanderes and yandere lovers! Here is a list of blogs you can totally check out for yandere articles and stuff.
Yandere^2, the webcomic that ships two yandere characters together because we can!(Sporadically active)

Yandere^2 Blog, this very blog! Contains yandereology articles, the possibly-famous Yandere in 100 Words series, and stuff related to the above webcomic. (Active)

Fuck Yeah Yandere!, which posts yandere pictures. (Active)

Fuck Yeah Male Yandere, a blog dedicated to the elusive male yandere characters. (Active)

Yandere-Tips, text graphics with advice for yanderes. (Not sure if active)

Fluffy Yandere, a yandere RP blog. (Active)

Yandere Anonymous, a yandere RP blog. (Active)

Yandere Imouto, a yandere fandom and RP blog featuring - wait for it - a yandere imouto. (Sometimes NSFW) (Active)

Shuffled Yandere, a yandere fandom blog. (Sometimes NSFW) (Active)

Team Yandere, a yandere fandom blog. (Active)

The Yandere Blog, a yandere fandom blog. (Active)

Yandere Central, a yandere fandom blog. (Not sure if active)

Yandere Romance, a yandere fandom blog. Offers occasional yandere-related advice to Anons. (Sporadically active)

Fuck Yeah Yandere, with plenty of yandere pictures. (Inactive, huge archive, good resources page)

Yandere Daily, a daily dose of yandere pictures. Features a fun cursor. (Inactive, huge archive)

Yandere-san, the blog of a Yandere girl roleplayer! Also features miscellaneous yandere-related content. (Inactive)

Yandere Tips, text graphics with advice for or about yandere characters. (Inactive)

Murder is Moe, even more yandere pictures. (Inactive, huge archive) (Deleted)

Spamming you with Yandere/Yangire, a successor to Yandere Daily, with more yandere images. (Active) (Deleted)

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/yan/ on Desuchan (Sometimes NSFW)

Yandere Club on Fakku (NSFW)

Yandere FC on MangaFox