Ohayo yanderes and yandere lovers! Here is a list of blogs you can totally check out for yandere articles and stuff.
Yandere^2, the webcomic that ships two yandere characters together because we can!(Sporadically active)

Yandere^2 Blog, this very blog! Contains yandereology articles, the possibly-famous Yandere in 100 Words series, and stuff related to the above webcomic. (Active)

Fuck Yeah Yandere!, which posts yandere pictures. (Active)

Fuck Yeah Male Yandere, a blog dedicated to the elusive male yandere characters. (Active)

Yandere-Tips, text graphics with advice for yanderes. (Not sure if active)

Fluffy Yandere, a yandere RP blog. (Active)

Yandere Anonymous, a yandere RP blog. (Active)

Yandere Imouto, a yandere fandom and RP blog featuring - wait for it - a yandere imouto. (Sometimes NSFW) (Active)

Shuffled Yandere, a yandere fandom blog. (Sometimes NSFW) (Active)

Team Yandere, a yandere fandom blog. (Active)

The Yandere Blog, a yandere fandom blog. (Active)

Yandere Central, a yandere fandom blog. (Not sure if active)

Yandere Romance, a yandere fandom blog. Offers occasional yandere-related advice to Anons. (Sporadically active)

Fuck Yeah Yandere, with plenty of yandere pictures. (Inactive, huge archive, good resources page)

Yandere Daily, a daily dose of yandere pictures. Features a fun cursor. (Inactive, huge archive)

Yandere-san, the blog of a Yandere girl roleplayer! Also features miscellaneous yandere-related content. (Inactive)

Yandere Tips, text graphics with advice for or about yandere characters. (Inactive)

Murder is Moe, even more yandere pictures. (Inactive, huge archive) (Deleted)

Spamming you with Yandere/Yangire, a successor to Yandere Daily, with more yandere images. (Active) (Deleted)

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/yan/ on Desuchan (Sometimes NSFW)

Yandere Club on Fakku (NSFW)

Yandere FC on MangaFox

1.I know he will TRULY love me.
2.I know he would never give up on our relationship and try and improve it if it gets bad.
3. I know he will always be loyal.
4. I know he will never look at other girls, won't even acknowledge them.
5. I know that he will love only me.
6. I know that I will always be his first and only priority for as long as we both live.
7. I know that he'll do his best to be with me every single minute.
8. I know that he is willing to do anything for me. especially killing those who are against us.