Tokisaki Kurumi
Code Name: Nightmare
Anime: Date A Live

      Kurumi is the third spirit who appeared after Tohka and Yoshino. She has a split personality: that of a gentle, mysterous highschool girl with a slow talking pattern, and that of a psychopathic killer. She is very aggressive in her actions which makes it harder for Shidou to capture her.

      Mana reported that Kurumi Tokisaki is the most dangerousSpirit known, who has personally killed over 10,000 people which does not include the spacequake’s victims within that statistics.

      Kurumi Tokisaki using unstated and unexplained methods to personally transfer into Shido Itsuka’s High School and classroom so she can get closer to him. Her purposes and reasons in this transfer are simple; consume Shido Itsuka and his ability. She somehow knew about Shidou and his ability and the fact that he knows about the existence of Spirits.


      "A girl with astonishing beauty" as described by Shido. She appears to be elegant in some way and also has very good manners. She is a girl with black hair in long pigtails. Her right eye is red in color while her left eye is an inorganic clock face, with the clock hands moving in the opposite direction, representing her life.The Astral Dress she wears is made out of crimson and black frills, giving her the appearance of a Gothic Lolita.

      It’s hard to describe Kurumi’s personality because of her power, which is the ability to control time and create multiple copies of herself from different points in time. She can be a normal high school girl with a girlish personality at one time while at another time she can be a psychopathic killer. She does not have multiple personalities but she can have multiple pasts.

Powers & Abilities: Angel
Weapon: Clock, Hand Gun, Rifle

Skills: A Gun with Special Bullets that can activate different attacks or abilities depending on the Bullet

  1. First Bullet: Aleph (Accelerated Time, aka super speed power on target object or subject)
  2. Fourth Bullet: Dalet (Rewind Time on target object or subject)
  3. Seventh Bullet: Zayin (Temporary Freeze Time on target object or subject)
  4. Eighth Bullet: Het (Creates a clone of the target object or subject)
  5. Twelfth Bullet: Yod Bet (Travel through time at the cost of a spirit’s power)

Astral Dress: Elohim

      Kurumi has the ability to manipulate the 4th dimension, mainly “Time”; but her main power is associated with shadow and controlling it. Shadow is her primary while Time is her secondary in terms of her usage, combined with the power of “Time” she can create the perfect shadow clone with all her experiences, memories, abilities, and etc. Her “Angel” is powerful but it also like a double edge sword, each time its (Angel) uses its abilities it consume a bit of her (Kurumi) Time (life). So, in order to get back her own time, she has the abilities to consume others “Time” to refill hers


  • Kurumi’s left eye represents her “Time” (lifespan). Each of the roman numeral in the “clock” also represents one different skills each, but only the original “Nightmare” is able to use all twelve. It is also hinted that each time she travels back in time after being killed, one of the skill from this “clock” is de-activated.
  • She is the spirit that Mana Takamiya killed multiple times in the past, though those that Mana killed were actually just clones created by her angel, but with the price being sacrificing some of her time, so she began to take people’s time.
  • Kurumi likes to wear black colored clothes. She wears black winter uniform when she goes to school and wears black gothic dress when she goes out.

SOURCE: http://someonepurpleblooded.tumblr.com/post/51856136114

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