An urban legend in Tokyo states that at midnight, a girl dressed as a lolita will appear and ask you one question. You mustn’t answer this question, however, for if you do the girl will come to be your younger sister. She will say that she has finally found her big brother, and insinuate herself into every aspect of your life… until she finally gives you a “twisted” death.
Based on a very popular urban legend in Japan, Ibitsu by Ryou Haruka will definitely raise you're hair to outstanding levels. Seriously gives me chills after I read it. Obviously the manga's genre is Horror, Seinen, Psychological and Gothic Lolita. It has 2 Volumes, and 13 Chapters with unrelated side stories at the end of each volume (The Corridor of Dolls and The Mysterious Tale Of The Editor). It was released last 2009 y publisher Square Enix, and serialized in the manga magazine Young GanGan. 


Kazuki, a young college student living in a small apartment building, is taking out his trash one night when he sees a disheveled young woman dressed in lolita-style clothing sitting in the street by the neighborhood trash pile. Unnerved, he tries to ignore her and pass by, when she asks him a single question: "Do you have a younger sister?" Surprised, he answers that he does, before running off to the safety of his apartment. Passing it off as an isolated encounter with a strange woman, Kazuki decides to think nothing more of it.
CHAPTER 2: The Trespassing Girl
But then he starts to see her more and more, and each time her behavior and appearance seem more unusual than the last. When he learns that she's been going through his trash and has even found a way into his apartment by passing herself off as his younger sister while he's at school, he begins to fear that she may even be dangerous. After hearing the legend of the "Strange Lolita", Kazuki becomes determined that he needs to protect himself by scaring the bizarre woman away once and for all. Unfortunately, the young man has no idea of the horrors that await him...


DON'T READ AT NIGHT. Seriously, if you don't want to be scared witless.
8/8/2014 09:33:03 pm

Who is she?
What's is her real identity?

just do not care XD
6/23/2016 11:34:19 am

hmm, i really dont know but i think (i have big fantasy tbh XD) her brother died, i think this is reason why is she finding big brother n maybe its the reason of her "big pain"


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