Dere types:

  • Yamato Nadeshiko
    The Japanese ideal of a perfect wife. Beauty, kindness and consideration, skills as a housewife, obedience, devotion; the embodiment of the feminine element Yin. Probably the origin of yandere - trying to be perfect, all day, every day can be just a bit too difficult without all the love in the world to motivate you, and what do you think happens when that love is betrayed? 
    Example: Fuyou Kaede - Shuffle
  • Childish/Imouto
    The type which displays an innocent playfulness - often disregarding your health in the process. Won’t you play with her? You promised to play with her today, right? You won’t be distracted by any other girl, right?
    Example: Nana and Nono - Yandere no Onna no Ko
  • Obsession
    Watches you all the time. Collects your photos. Thinks about you all the time. Can’t live without you. Obsessiveness that is almost too strong to even be love anymore. Kind of crazy to begin with, really.
    Example: Gasai Yuno - Mirai Nikki 
  • Perfectly Normal
    Really, really normal. Doesn’t seem to stand out as a potential yandere, really. Well, until she snaps, at least, she’s just another ordinary girl. These can be considered “pure yandere” which isn’t mixed with other character types, unlike the lolitastic imouto type etc. Well, unless more general things such as extroversion count as character types.
    Example: Saionji Sekai - School Days


  • Murder the Hypotenuse
    Characterised by the wish to eliminate the competitor by any possible means. Probably the most common type.
    Example: Katsura Kotonoha - School Days
  • Kill ‘Em All
    More extreme variety. Most often a manifestation of protectiveness and/or vengefulness.
    Example: Sonozaki Shion - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
  • If I can’t have you…
    When all hope is lost, the yandere might actually kill the one she loves so that he can never be tainted by another woman. An alternative reason for this action is if she desperately wants to keep him to herself.
    Example: Nanamiya Iori - Yandere no Onna no Ko 


  • Possessiveness
    An important yandere characteristic, since most girls won’t snap if it didn’t seem like someone was going to take their beloved away. They absolutely have to be together, forever. And ever. Will protect that bright future at all costs.
  • Protectiveness
    Will never, ever let her darling get hurt or heartbroken. No matter what she has to do. And if she ever realises that she herself is the reason why her boyfriend is always scared, and not because of whoever she was pinning the blame on, then…
  • Selflessness
    She’ll do whatever her lover wants to make him happy. Can conflict with her selfish possessiveness, however. Most often, insanity has to come from some sort of contradiction.
  • Paranoia
    Probably an extension of possessiveness. Thinks that any girl he so much as looks at is a threat. This trait is exceptionally dangerous, since there is essentially no way to avoid snapping her.
  • Stalking
    Seems to be a yandere character type - but does it belong in “yan” or “dere”? In a way, it could be either. A manifestation of protectiveness and possessiveness.

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