Junko Enoshima
(江ノ島盾子 Enoshima Junko)

Is a character featured in Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair.

She is the main antagonist and has the title Super High-School Level Fashion Girl (超高校級の「ギャル」Chō Kōkō Kyū no "Gyaru"). She is also the founder of Super High School Level Despair (超高校級の「絶望」). She is the sister of Mukuro Ikusaba and had an alternate identity known as Ryouko Otonashi.
Enoshima was, according to Naegi, a young fashionista who took the country by storm with her extravagant tastes. Enoshima had wanted to be a model ever since she was a child, but was also eager to try new things.

As was her appearance at the conclusion of the Mutual Killing incident of Class 78, Enoshima's personality and mannerisms tended to be extremely erratic and unstable. Exhibiting signs of possible psychosis , Enoshima often switched between moods, which included (but was not limited to) her Monokuma persona, and four other manners of speech which included complexes of cuteness, severe depression, sophistication, and superiority; she switched between moods unpredictably, which makes for highly unsettling conversation to the survivors.

Above all, however, Enoshima was deeply obsessed with despair, having found despair to be one of the most enjoyable emotions for her, whether it be the inflicting of despair unto others, or suffering from despair wholeheartedly. 

Enoshima has a tall, feminine figure. She has blue eyes and long, thick, strawberry blonde hair tied in two pigtails, with Monobear hair clips (complete white / complete black). She wears a black jacket over a white dress shirt loose enough to expose some of her bra, and has many accessories including a loose black and white tie and red bow. Enoshima also wears a red miniskirt and lace up boots. She has long, fake red nails. Her appearance and personality will often shift in sync with one another, as they are interdependent. Unlike Fukawa, she has all memories of her different selves.

Pre-Despair Incident
As children, Enoshima and her twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba, had lived in abject conditions. As she puts it, she regretted the moment of her own birth, feeling that her birth into the world was a mistake.

Enoshima began a modeling career and quickly became an idol amongst the Japanese population, and this created a lot of unwanted attention; according to Ikusaba who was at the time disguised as Enoshima, she claimed that the only men who were interested in Enoshima were "creeps who did not actually care about her". She later enrolled into Hope's Peak Academy along with her twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba. She was able to befriend her classmates of Class 78, but was already masterminding Super High School Level Despair along with Ikusaba. The two of them began to scheme and plan the High School Life of Mutual Killing in order to find and inflict 'true despair' upon people.

Prior to the Despair Incident, she was responsible for the deaths of several other students, including one member of Hope's Peak Academy's Steering Committee and Isshiki Madarai. During this time, Junko was testing methods for memory-erasure, and managed to successfully wipe her own with the assistance of Yasuke Matsuda.

For a period of time, she lived as an amnesiac by the name of Ryouko Otonashi, but eventually she managed to recover all of her lost memories, but not before she killed Matsuda in a fit of despair.

High School Life of Mutual Killing
Enoshima worked behind the scenes and controlled Monokuma in order to cause anxiety and paranoia between the students to make them kill each other. She also began to broadcast everything as a TV program for the public to enjoy and fall into despair. Enoshima decided, possibly on a whim, to kill Ikusaba, in order to "set an example" for the students not to directly rebel Monokuma, while the true reason was that the way Ikusaba had acted did not resemble Enoshima's true personality at all. All of the students then believed that Enoshima had died, not knowing that the Enoshima they knew was an imposter, because at the time the students were not privy to the fact that there were actually sixteen students.

Enoshima continued to work in the shadows, while manipulating and motivating other students like Celes and Oowada to kill each other for her own entertainment. During the course of events, Enoshima was able to ensure the deaths of several of the students, before realizing that Kirigiri had somehow managed to break into the headmaster's office and steal the master key and part of Ikusaba's profiled information. She then decided to break her own rules and stage a murder by using Ikusaba's body. Enoshima almost succeeded in her attempt to kill Naegi and frame Kirigiri, but was ultimately fruitless when Kirigiri saved Naegi just as she was about to stab him, and then by Naegi not calling out Kirigiri's lie during the Class Trial when Kirigiri announced that she would not have been able to access her own room.

With Kirigiri's lie not called out, a frustrated Enoshima had no choice but to call guilt on Naegi, who remained under unconvincing suspicion throughout the trial. Enoshima's plans to execute Naegi were thwarted by Alter Ego, however, who had stopped the execution in time for Naegi to evade death. She taunted the students, still, despite the setback, and proclaimed that even if Naegi survived the execution he would eventually rot inside the school garbage dump, making his punishment worse than usual.

However, Enoshima had not counted on Kirigiri jumping into the rubbish chute to save him, and was properly thwarted when both Kirigiri and Naegi showed up at the gymnasium to issue an ultimatum. She was forced to accept that a retrial is necessary, but then Enoshima - then still in Monobear form - decided to gradually reveal the whole truth to the students, confident that even if she was exposed, they would not be able to handle the shock of the outside world they longed to go back to having already "ended" due to The World's Most Despair-Inducing Incident.

During the final Class Trial, Naegi and Kirigiri deduce that Enoshima was the one pulling the strings the entire time and she was revealed to be the mastermind behind everything at the Academy.  She then confirmed the suspicion - one that emerged from the intense Class Trial debates - that she erased everyone's memories of the last two years so she could implement her plan to make the world suffer in despair. She then put a vote together to have students vote for the abstract ideas of "Hope" versus "Despair", where all but Naegi would live their lives out within the confines of the Academy if any one of the students chose "Despair", and Naegi alone will take a huge punishment - meaning he would have be subjected to Super Duper Nasty Torture if anyone would vote for despair.

However, Naegi reassured the surviving students of a future ahead despite the difficulties, and thus was able to convince all the students to vote for "Hope", condemning Enoshima to a final defeat in the climax of a Machinegun Talk Battle of "Hope" versus "Despair".

Though seemly livid over the results shortly after the vote was settled, Enoshima instead became perversely delighted as she tasted her own despair for once. She delightfully accepted her execution and death, but not before giving the remaining students the means to escape the Academy.

After she was executed, most of the members of the Super High-School Level Despair commited suicide. The remaining members hacked her body into pieces and attached those parts to themselves; one notable example was Nagito Komeda, who took her left hand and treated it as his own, despite it being non-functional.

Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Farwell Despair Academy
With the return of Monokuma to the island where the hopes have gathered, so did Enoshima as an AI, who infiltrated the virtual reality system and started her plan to destroy Future Foundation's plans as well as breed more despair. This plan, however, failed again thanks to the efforts of a repentant Hinata.

Main Article: Super Duper Nasty Torture
  • "I had reasons deeper than the deepest ocean! - That was a fuckin' lie! I had no such reasons!"
  • "Oh, I'm the evil mastermind."
  • "Despair of tomorrow! Despair of the unknown! Despair of your memories!"
  • "The whole memory of my birth is too despairing!"
  • "The tears when I cried as a newborn were tears of despair!"
  • "Useless, Useless, Useless!"
  • Her voice changes several times throughout the final school trial in order to represent her changing personalities.
  • One of her poses is the same of Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures; she also says his catchphrase, "Useless, useless, useless", during a Machinegun Talk Battle.
  • As a prime antagonist of the series, Enoshima appears in both games and both novels (including her fake identity as Ryouko Otonashi).
An urban legend in Tokyo states that at midnight, a girl dressed as a lolita will appear and ask you one question. You mustn’t answer this question, however, for if you do the girl will come to be your younger sister. She will say that she has finally found her big brother, and insinuate herself into every aspect of your life… until she finally gives you a “twisted” death.
Based on a very popular urban legend in Japan, Ibitsu by Ryou Haruka will definitely raise you're hair to outstanding levels. Seriously gives me chills after I read it. Obviously the manga's genre is Horror, Seinen, Psychological and Gothic Lolita. It has 2 Volumes, and 13 Chapters with unrelated side stories at the end of each volume (The Corridor of Dolls and The Mysterious Tale Of The Editor). It was released last 2009 y publisher Square Enix, and serialized in the manga magazine Young GanGan. 


Kazuki, a young college student living in a small apartment building, is taking out his trash one night when he sees a disheveled young woman dressed in lolita-style clothing sitting in the street by the neighborhood trash pile. Unnerved, he tries to ignore her and pass by, when she asks him a single question: "Do you have a younger sister?" Surprised, he answers that he does, before running off to the safety of his apartment. Passing it off as an isolated encounter with a strange woman, Kazuki decides to think nothing more of it.
CHAPTER 2: The Trespassing Girl
But then he starts to see her more and more, and each time her behavior and appearance seem more unusual than the last. When he learns that she's been going through his trash and has even found a way into his apartment by passing herself off as his younger sister while he's at school, he begins to fear that she may even be dangerous. After hearing the legend of the "Strange Lolita", Kazuki becomes determined that he needs to protect himself by scaring the bizarre woman away once and for all. Unfortunately, the young man has no idea of the horrors that await him...


DON'T READ AT NIGHT. Seriously, if you don't want to be scared witless.
Ahah, there's nothing more that I love than my love's sweet, sweet voice...
His song is stuck in my head
His song is stuck in my head
And I'll chain him tight to my bed
So I always will remember him

  • Japanese singer Jun Togawa has the song "Suki Suki Daisuki" which contains lyrics like, "I love you so much, I love you so much, I love you so much, say you love me or I'll kill you!"
  • The narrator of "Du Riechst So Gut" by Rammstein. He stalks his crush like a wolf stalks its' prey. Then, when she's all alone, ambushes and rapes her.
  • ''I Love You... I'll Kill You'' by Enigma.
  • ''In My Room'' by Insane Clown Posse is gangster male yandere: the song.
  • The character codenamed "Soror," from Sound Horizon's song "Ark," who kills the boy she loved (who was also her brother) for some "betrayal" unspecified in the song.
  • The girl from "Baroque," another track on the same album, is a Psycho Lesbian yandere nun (going by her costume in the live version, anyway) who also kills the girl she loves for rejecting her.
  • And in "Stardust", Stella, an actress who's implied to be a White Dwarf Starlet, shoots her lover after catching him with another girl. "The bouquet in my left hand can't stop the impulse [read: gun] in my right..."
  • There's also the song "Yield", which is more or less about a girl living at a farm who is in love with her father, and when he doesn't return these feelings, she murders both him and her mother.
  • Rockleetist's English fan cover sort of tones down the yandere implications (i.e no mention of slicing throats) but the themes of obsession and madness are still very noticeable.
So don't tell me promises that you and I know that you'll never keep
And don't tell me lies when we both know that over you I'm losing sleep
Am I crazy for believing that if I could turn back time
I'd be the only one and you'd be only mine?
  • Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats".
  • To some extent, They're Coming To Take Me Away by Napoleon XIV.
  1. Played straight until The Reveal that he was (most likely) singing about his dog, not a woman.
  • Played with in P!nk's Please Don't Leave Me, which starts off with the singer portrayed as a standard issue The Woobie trying to keep her boyfriend from dumping her. Until he slips on marbles at the top of the stairs. The robotic head tilt she does looking down on him seals it. Madness, violence, and cute little hats ensue.
  1. It's all very "Harajuku goth" with so much pink, and stuffed animals. And a kinky nurse outfit.
  • Depending on its interpretation A Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold in which the male singer either kills his girlfriend because he is afraid she'll reject his marriage proposal or because she does reject him (video and song have some disparity), then proceeds to preserve her corpse so she'll always be with him. Warning: Necrophilia!
  • Henry Lee by Nick Cave and PJ Harvey
  1. For that, so too is Loretta "Lottie" from The Curse of Millhaeven, (though arguably just Axe Crazy) and to a lesser extent, almost everything else in Murder Ballads ... and to an even lesser extent, half of all of Nick Cave 's works. The line "I got a pretty little mouth under all this foamin'" is what brings the Yandere part though past just that. Another good contender from that album is the unnamed male of "Where the Wild Roses Grow."
I wish I could kill you, savor the sight
Jump into my car, drive into the night
Then lie as I scream to the heavens above
That I was the last one you ever loved

  • "Won't U Please B Nice" by Nellie McKay.
  • "Paparazzi" by Lady GagaJust think about what she's comparing her love to.
  • "Don't Say A Word" by Sonata Arctica deserves special mention its Deconstruction of this. The song is narrated from the perspective of a male Yandere who discovers his wife has been cheating on him and rapes her and kills her. It's an interesting look at what a Yandere could possibly be thinking. He sees his usual, calmer persona as an alter ego which he tells to step down using a variation on an old Latin exorcism ('Vade retro, alter ego') and ceases to recognise himself early in the song. Later he starts thinking some really weird stuff, claiming that what he's doing is to help her uphold her part of the deal (their marriage vows) and that he's helping her be a moral person ('I'll help you follow through / remember this? Pacta sunt servanda') he compares their love to a romance novel, making note that now there is no love between them they should die like the lovers in the novel ('You read the book now / The part: ashes to ashes, dust to dust') and eventually considering himself her god, being divine and able to pass judgement, as she blasphemed against him ('Unfortunate for you, this makes me your god') He truly believes that what he's doing is best for their love and the right thing for both of them. He thinks she doesn't know that he's right so tells her to sit back and take as he 'does the right thing' ('Cannot keep your part of the deal /so don't say a word...don't say a word') scary stuff.
  • Morrissey in "Jack The Ripper", if you consider the unsettling but romantic lyrics and the title.
Crash into my arms / I want you 
You don't agree / But you don't refuse 

I know you
And I know a place / Where no one is likely to pass
Oh, you don't care if it's late / And you don't care if you're lost
And oh, you look so tired /(But tonight you presume too much)
Too much, too much / And if it's the last
Thing I ever do / I'm gonna get you
  • The Birthday Massacre. The lyrics to 'Blue' have very strong yandere connotations and the way the tone switches is very yandere as well.
  1. They're good at making fucked up love songs.
  2. "Lovers' End" as well.
  3. There's also "Violet," which seems at first glance to be an ordinary break up song, until Chibi starts singing about "violent visions" of "scaring faces once adored" and "staining red the wasted metaphor."
  • "Waterfall" by Sweetbox told from the point of view of a woman stalking the object of her obsession (whom she makes clear will belong to her), ending with the following lines spoken in a chillingly sweet tone:
I told you I'd be watching you
In everything that you do
But don't worry, now...
Cause I'll take care of you

  • Fiona Apple's cover of "I Want You" (originally by Elvis Costello, and accompanied by him in this performance) captures awesomely creepy love from the point of view of the Yandere. Costello's performance of it counts too, but one of the YouTube commenters said it best: "Fiona wailed her tiny ass off, and scared me even more than EC did in the original. Didn't think that was possible."
  • "Run For Your Life" by The Beatles:
I'd rather see you dead, little girl 
Than to be with another man 
You better keep your head, little girl 
Or you won't know where I am...

  1. Or, to a lesser degree, "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", which features possibly the most minimal lyrics of the lot.
  • The Nickel Back song "Follow You Home" is an inversion, as the lyrics detail how the songs narrator would still follow his object of obsessive affection to (presumably) her house even if she were to have him abused, beaten, tortured, and killed.
  • "Gimme Gimme" by Lords Of Acid is possibly the only Lo A song that's even remotely playable on US radio (not that it ever was...). It's also a song about a star (apparently a cheesecakey pop star a la Britney or Christina) who has fallen obsessively in love with her biggest stalker.
  • Gothic metal band Mortal Love built a trilogy of three concept albums around this: All the Beauty, I Have Lost, Forever Will Be Gone. In the first one, the singer is completely worshipful ("All the Beauty") until her lover leaves her for someone else and she just falls to pieces ("I Want to Die"). The second album follows her slow descent into madness, and by the third she's bordering on pure evil territory ("Still it Has Only Just Begun""To Choke You Now"). The target of her love/hate is dead by the end, and it's strongly implied that she killed him.
With every look I crushed you whole
With every smile I grained your bones
The darkness makes me stronger
And I can swallow it no more
Evil in all shapes
In my case it's cold and hollow
Darkness, it wakes nor sleeps
And this pain you're forced to swallow

Feel my breath, on your neck, and your heart will race
don't say no to me, you can't say no to me...
I'm sorry you saw that...

  • ''Goin' Down'' by The Pretty Reckless is written as a confession from a textbook possessive yandere who's just discovered the downside of not having a boyfriend any more.
"But I caught him with another woman in the bed I made him, So I put him in a grave"
  • Evanescence's Taking Over Me seems like a nice song... until you realize its really about obsession. Romantic huh? This masterpiece shimmers with precious jewels such as...
(chorus)"I have to be with you to LIVE, to BREATHE, you're TAKING OVER ME,"
(verse 2)"Have you forgotten all I've known, and all we had? You saw me mourning my love for you, and touched my hand... I KNEW YOU LOVED ME THEN."
(bridge) "I look in the mirror and see your face, if I look DEEP ENOUGH. So many things inside that are JUST LIKE YOU ARE TAKING OVER!!!"

  • The Song Snow White Queen is an interesting take on this trope, as the choruses are sung by the Yandere,but the verses are sung by the yandere's object of affection.
  • Ke$ha's "Stephen". Just read a few lyrics:
'Cause your my object of affection
My drug of choice
My sick obsession
I want to keep you as my pet to play with
And hide under my bed forever

  • The Irish folk song, Bean Pháidín. Just look at the lyrics.
May your legs, your legs be broken
May your legs be broken, Páidín’s wife
May your legs, your legs be broken
May your legs and your bones be broken.

  • "I Love U" by Tila Tequila which opens with "you know, I just want to let you know that I never felt this way about anyone else...I...I think I love you...so don't think I'm crazy when I tell you this...but if you ever hurt me...I'll fuckin' kill you," and gets progressively more possessive.
  • No doubt's "In my head" is about a yandere who is well aware her obsessive jealousy is only in her head.
And all it takes is one word or idea to send me in the deep.
So if you think you're clever, use the right words when you're talking to me.

  • Wake up call by Maroon 5 is a prime example of a male yandere who found his lover in the bed with another man, so he shot him dead.
I'm not kind if you betray me..
Help me help me, somebody save me,
I keep running she keeps on chasing,
Reminds me all the time, "No matter where you go I'll always be watching you."

  • The Dark Lady by the Bedlam Bards is about a yandere pirate ship. When her captain falls in love with a captive girl, the titular Dark Lady steers herself into a storm, the girl falls overboard, and the everyone else on board is killed. This leaves them as ghosts, doomed to never leave.
  • Killer by Dev, I'm gonna make you love me
  • Bust Your Knee Caps - Pomplamoose, Threatens johnny to not leave her or her family business will bust his knee caps. In an endearing way.
  • Vienna Teng's 'My Medea' is told from the POV of a possessive yandere.
So, come to me, my love
I'll tap into your strength and drain it dry
And never have enough
For you I'd burn the length and breadth of sky
For it's my thoughts that bind me here
It's this moment I most fear
And this child I would destroy
For I hold her pain most dear

I'll always be checking up on you 
Hey boy, who you talking to? 
If I was your girlfriend 
I'd never let you leave 
Without a small recording device 
Taped under your sleeve 
And you'll always look your best 
Shave your face for me 
Don't hide secrets in your house 
'Cause, boy, I stole the key."

  • The Stalker Song.
  • Here We Go Again by Captain Tractor is about a girl who expresses her love for the singer by inflicting life-threatening injuries on him.
In the ambulance that day as they were taking me away
You looked into my eyes
You said you were in love, but then it struck you from above
As you learned of my demise
Is it me or is it you with a sense of Déjà Vu
As I brush with death again?
And it's really no surprise as the tears filled up your eyes
You're in love with me in pain
Here we go again!

Your my possession, I'm your obsession, don't tell me never, you'll love me forever —-> Always stay close to me, don't tell me you're leaving now
  • The Knife Party song, "Internet Friends" gave us this legendary line:
"You blocked me on Facebook, and now you're going to die!" (cue the theme music from Psycho and then bass drop time.)
  • Text Me Back by Your Favorite Martian is as yandere as it gets. Just listen to the lyrics. It also doesn't help that one of the band members is in prison while the other three are in a mental institute, and the entire chorus is just the words "I wasn't crazy until I met you" over and over.
  • "I Never Knew You" by Cage is a song from the perspective of a stalker.
Perish the thought, you should cherish the words that I got in my mouth
The only words that can truly explain how I got in your house.

  • Tech N9ne's "Am I A Psycho" is sung from a male yandere's perspective.
  • "My Mind's Eye" by the gothic metal band Sirenia is about this.
If you are down
I'll be there to chain you to the ground
And penetrate your mind
If you are lost
I'll be there to break your trust
And ravage all your lust for life, my love

  • "Crazy Possessive" by Kaci Battaglia
  • Chairlift's "Sidewalk Safari" could as well be interpreted from a perspective of one.
  • The main trope page's quote is from Slipknot's "Prosthetics," which is loosely based on the novel The Collector and its 1965 film adaptation.
  • Dirty Little Rabbits' "Professional Hit", in which the singer has clearly been driven insane and angry from a one-time fling of what she believed to be was a starting relationship, ending with may be Murder the HypotenuseCareful With That Axe and Precision F-Strike abound.

  1. Male example - "Kaito ga UNINSTALL" involves Kaito going yandere for his "Master" and killing all the other Vocaloids out of jealousy.
  2. Miku and Luka's "Scissoroid". Miku was jealous of the attention Luka was getting from "Master", so she tries to kill her in her sleep. Then while Miku was hesitating, Luka wakes up, sweet-talks Miku, then stabs her with a paidr of scissors.
  3. Kaito's Story About a Poor Rabbit.
  4. The yandere-themed fan Vocaloids, such as Taito and Juon Kiku.
  5. Now we have Sukone Tei. A Vipperloid, devoted to Len, and wants to kill Miku. Yandere loid!
  6. Miku has the song "Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance (Stalker)".
  7. Two unrelated songs that feature Megurine Luka as a Yandere Stalker with a Crush are Love Disease and Mothy's The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka.
  8. RIP=RELEASE, Luka's jealous response song to Len's SPICE!. However, it focuses more on her feelings of betrayal by Len himself, as opposed to determination to destroy others. Nonetheless, her sentiment is still pretty yandere, as expressed in the lyrics Maybe I should just slice open your throat and make you all mine....
  9. Mayu is the only Vocaloid3 who has been confirmed to be a yandere. Her character item is an axe.
  10. The aptly titled "Yanderenka"(a portmanteau of "yandere," "Len/Ren," and "ka"), translating to "Yandere Len's Love Song."
  • 'Two Sisters' by Clannad is about this.
Sister I'll not take your hand
And I'll have Johnny and all his land
And I'll be true, unto my love!
If he'll be true to me

  • 'Two Sisters' is a version of the English traditional song "The Miller and the King's Daughter", aka "Twa Sisters", aka "The Bonny Swan" and probably a dozen other names. The elder drowns the younger "all for the sake of a man". In some versions, the younger gets her revenge from beyond the grave with the help of a musician. In others, the elder sister gets away scot free with the boyfriend and an innocent man is hanged for murder. In some versions, the boyfriend is not mentioned to have any particular wealth and the girls come from a royal family, so greed can be eliminated as a motive, leaving nothing but jealousy.
  • Child's Play by Nayuta, has the one singing the apparently the victim of one, though the official video didn't show exactly what happened and it isn't clear on Black Cap and Red Cap's relationship and it is very vague but a few stories go like this..
"There was Red Cap (Kairi) and Black Cap (Namine) and they were best friends. But Black Cap started to notice that Wolf (Sora) paid more attention to Red Cap than Black Cap. [....]Black Cap started to become jealous of Red Cap. Red Cap remembered all the times they laughed together, and was puzzled about why Black Cap would do this. Red Cap had died of losing too much blood. Black Cap had another idea. Wolf would come looking for Red Cap. Black Cap took out her own eyes, lips, and hair and replaced them with Red Cap's. So this way Wolf wouldn't notice that Red Cap had been killed. Black Cap appeared in Red Cap's and Wolf's special place. Black Cap saw all the drawings they made together, but it didn't matter because Black Cap is Red Cap now, and Wolf will never know the difference."
  1. The protagonist from "Can't Stand Losing You" is a passive-aggressive version, what with his threats to kill himself over a bad breakup so the ex feels guilty for the rest of her life.
  2. "Wrapped Around Your Finger" is hot yandere-on-yandere action — pretty messed up for something that sounds like Sting was noodling around with a rhyming dictionary one day.
  • Bad Company's "Burnin' Sky", sung from the point of view of a convict who keeps trying to escape to see the woman of his dreams, though it's implied hisobsession with her is the reason he's in prison in the first place.
The judge said, "this man's a danger to humanity, 
We're gonna lock him up and throw away the key." 
Now, baby, your love has sent me to jail 
But I'd rather die than see you with another man!
  • Ludo's The Horror of Our Love embodies this. "I've been inside your bedroom / I've murdered half the town / Left you love notes on their headstones / I'll fill the graveyards / Until I have you"
  • No. 1 Crush by Garbage ".../I will lie for you, beg and steal for you/ I will crawl on hands and knees until you see /You're just like me ... /I would die for you /I would kill for you /I will steal for you /I'd do time for you /I will wait for you /I'd make room for you /I'd sail ships for you /To be close to you /To be part of you /'Cause you believe in me /I believe in you /I would die for you. "
  1. Admittedly, "Vow" from their first album is even worse — pure, seething, raging, unhinged vengeance from a yandere spurned. It goes well beyond If I Can't Have You territory into psychosis.
  • "If You Love Me", by 80s band Scandal (with lead singer Patty Smyth): "Cause you can't leave me / And you can't tell me that it's the end / You can walk away / But you can never look back again / So if you leave me / I will hurt you if I can / Yes, I will hurt you in the end." It's sung nice and sweet and softly, and essentially promises death if the guy tries to leave, even saying "You can't run and hide away".
  • The narrator in Falco's "Jeanny" is a Serial Killer and rapist who sounds very much like a Yandere as he sings about his next victim.
"They're coming! They are coming to get you. // They won't find you. Nobody will find you! // You're with me!"Sure he's a jolly roger
Until he answers for his crime
Yes I'll match him whim for whim now
  • "My Mind's Eye" by Sirenia is a mix of this and Mind Game Ship.
  • Pay close attention to the actual lyrics of "If This Is Love" by The Saturdays, and don't let the cheery tone fool you. Guh...
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Melanie" is a parody of 80s stalker songs, and despite being Played for Laughs it's still one of the creepier things Al's ever done. And he's written humorous songs featuring serial killers.
  • A-ha's I've been losing you depicts the thoughts of a man who has gone Yandere and killed his girlfriend during a fight. And it's a song with a very moving, rock-ish, upbeat tune.
  • In Maybe maybe, the narrator is the target of a Yandere's obsession, and end up run over by her (in a Rover) for his trouble. Again, to the tune of a poppy and silly melody.
  • Shakespears Sister's big hit "Stay" is as pure a demonstration of the concept as you'll find in pop music — former Eric Clapton sidedwoman/songwriter Marcy Levy as an ethereal, clingy dere, and former Bananarama pop princess Siobhan Fahey as her violent, menacing Ax Crazy subconscious. The video bends it into a battle between life and death for a dying man, and between the lanky, keening Levy and Fahey's corrupted, uber-creepy succubus/troll angel of death.
  • Empires' song "I Want Blood", in a male example.
I want blood, I want blood from you
If it ain't your love, I want blood from you

'Cos you know how jealous I get
I'm just a jealous boy

  • "Last Rites/Loved To Death" from Megadeth's first album. It's about a guy who's so in love with his girlfriend that he kills her so that she would go to Heaven ("loved [her] to death" in his terms) and then commits suicide... only to discover that they both go to Hell because she had cheated on her.
  • The band August Burns Red was named after a run-in their original singer had with one of these. After he broke up with his girlfriend August, she set his dog Red on fire in his doghouse. The actual name was the title of the story that ran in the paper the next day.
  • Interlude With Ludes, by Them Crooked Vultures, is this mixed with Stalker with a Crush:
If you want me I'm yours
And even if you don't want me
I'm trained and licensed and armed to the teeth
I think you'll agree
It's so hard to apologize
So I'm just gonna skip it

Ukraine's character song Carrots and Sticks aims for this and plays it for laughs. While Belarus is a canon yandere, the shocking thing is that Ukraine has the same feelings for the person they are singing for. That person is their brother Russia... who is also a Yandere.
  1. Their Yandere types, however, are very different: Belarus is about the possessive and scary side, whereas Ukraine is more about sweetness and subtle manipulation. Ukraine actually sends Belarus into a screaming fit by sort-of getting Russia into promising to "marry her" or at least make enonomic/political deals with her, and reacts via speaking softly and calmly about being "such a bewitching sister".
"When you smile, Oh how I feel so good", but gradually becomes more obsessive and creepy, eventually working up to"Tethered and tied. There's nowhere to hide from me. All Mine."
  • The Bravery's song "Hatefuck"
If I Put my hands around your wrists would you fight them
If I put my fingers in your mouth would you bite them
There are so many things I'd do
If I had my way with you

  • The Shadow's song Shooting Star. You heard me. It might sound innocent at first, but if you really listen to the lyrics,
A shooting star will shoot you, and mars will go to war
The man in the moon will jump on you if you don't love me no more

Every night, I'll be with you
Do you love her? do you love her?
Do you love me? Do you love me?

  1. Lots of K-Pop seems to have these undertones. Another example: Super Junior's "Bonamana".
  2. Other, more obvious, examples in k-pop come from two of G-Dragon's songs "She's Gone", a song about a jealous ex-boyfriend who murders his ex-girlfriend, with lyrics such as: Let's go somewhere where there are no people,
    It's just that I want to be alone with you,
    Now you can't go anywhere.
  3. and "Obsession", which has an almost identical theme to "She's Gone".
  4. The Yandere sasaeng "fan" from Epik High's "Fan" kidnaps her favorite idol and keeps him locked up to keep him all to herself, stubbornly ignoring his blatant despair. She ends up inadvertently killing him.

  • "Poison" by Alice Cooper — "I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name"
  • "Kim" by Eminem is what happens to a male Yandere just after he snaps. It is not pleasant to listen to.
  1. It's about his relationship struggles with his wife. He played it for her before it was released; she was understandably freaked out.
  2. From the same album (The Marshall Mathers LP), Eminem gives us the song "Stan" about a yandere stalker's descent into madness.
He dropped you off I followed him home.. Then I stood outside his bedroom window..
Standing over him he begged me not to do what I knew I had to do,
'Cause I'm so in love with you!

  • In the most popular versions of folk song The Female Highwayman the titular woman (Sovay/Silvy/Janie/Priscilla) disguises herself as a highwayman, robs her fiance blind on the road, and orders him to give her his gold engagement ring. When he says he'd rather die than give away the ring his beloved gave to him, she lets him go free and the next day reveals what she did by "accidentally" letting him see the watch she stole the day before, telling him that it was aFidelity Test and that he passed with flying colors. However, in one version of the song, she also adds that if he had given up the ring when she robbed him, she wouldn't have just refused to marry him — she would have shot him dead on the spot.
  • "Liar" by Emilie Autumn:
I want to mix our blood
And put it in the ground
So you can never leave
I want to earn your trust
Your faith your heart
You'll never be deceived

  1. Becomes interesting when it was revealed that these are not just lyrics, but what Autumn's boyfriend spoke to her at one point. Verbatim.
  • CreedenceClearwaterRevival: They did a cover of "Susie-Q". Given John Fogerty's vocals, (piping his voice through a guitar amp on these lyrics), coupled with the banjo and electric guitar makes this a very creepy song.
Well, say that you'll be mine
Well, say that you'll be mine,
Well, say that you'll be mine, baby all the time, Susie Q

hey mr. superstar,
I'll kill myself for you
hey mr. superstar,
I'll kill you if I can't have you.

  • Also "Deformography":
I make myself sick just to poison you 
If I can't have you then no one will

Every girl is capable of murder if you hurt her
Watch out you don't push me any further, any further
You're not the only one walking round with a loaded gun
This little girl is capable of murder cause you hurt her

No this can't be I'd rather you die than spoil my dream. 
Myself I'll kill if I can't have you no one will!

I'm sorry now I killed you,
For our love was something fine,
And till they come to get me
I shall hold your hand in mine.

Say that you want me every day
That you want me every way
That you need me
Got me trippin' super psycho love
Aim, pull the trigger
Feel the pain getting bigger
Go insane from the bitter feeling
Trippin' super psycho love
  • Coheed And Cambria's concept album "Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness" is narrated by a Yandere:
  1. "Welcome Home":You could've been all I wanted, But you weren't honest, Now get in the ground!
  2. "Once Upon Your Dead Body"Do you remember why you did it? Do you remember why she left? No, I hope you die right now, Will you drink my chemical?And if you cry out loud, It'll only make me feel too good
  3. "Wake Up"I'll do anything for you, / Kill anyone for you.
  4. "The Final Cut"Here wait, so I guess that you knew, That you're a selfish little whore, I'm the selfish little whore, If I had my way, I'd crush your face in the door.
Or the sound of Alice's screaming...!!

Megurine Luka 
(巡音ルカ / Megurine Ruka

was the third Japanese Vocaloid2 from Crypton and released on January 30, 2009. Yū Asakawa (浅川 悠 / Asakawa Yū) provided the "cool, somewhat mysterious" character vocals.
Unlike previous mascots in the series, her costume is not based on a school uniform. Her design was made to be asymmetrical so she could look different from different angles.

Her design incorporates woodwind and brass instruments. The gold curl design on her chest mimics brass instruments and a circulatory organ. The blue jewel near her throat represents moisture in the air and water drops.
Her surname combines Meguri (巡, circulate or around) and Ne (音, sound), while the name Luka invokes the homonymous Japanese words of "nagare" (流, flow) and "ka" (歌, song) or "ka" (香, scent); thus making "songs to all around the world as scent spreads."
Notable for... 
  • First bilingual Vocaloid
  • First Japanese/English bilingual Vocaloid
  • First female bilingual Vocaloid
  • First English voicebank produced by a Japanese company
  • First English voicebank provided by a Japanese provider
  • First newly released Vocaloid to impact Miku's rankings in the Vocaloid ranking charts
Teto Kasane units are not recommended as they have a tendency to irritate the Luka unit, sending it into Yandere Mode.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you offer your Luka Megurine unit takoyaki, as she will assume that you have killed a Tako Luka to obtain the octopus meat. Offering a Luka Megurine unit takoyaki will trigger either uncontrollable crying or Yandere Mode.
In Luka's user manual it is indicated that her units can enter various modes depending on external stimuli. One of these modes is Yandere Mode, where your Luka Megurine unit will attempt to destroy anything or anyone in sight. Advising the user to keep any scissors or shears away while it is in current mode. It is also suggested to keep away from the unit while in this mode. As well, it is highly recommended not to disturb unit while in creative mode as it sometimes trigger Yandere mode or Diva Mode.

When Luka Megurine has started sewing kimonos and crying, is an indicator that she may soon enter Yandere Mode.